Protection of personal dataData Protection

1. Protection of personal data

  • Information for employees on the processing of personal data(pdf document)
  • Information for contract staff and students on the processing of personal data(pdf document)
  • Rules on the security of personal data processing at the University of Ljubljana(pdf document)
  • Notice to individuals under Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), video surveillance on the premises of UL FE (pdf document)


2. Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer is the DPO of the UL, e-mail:


3. Procedure for exercising individuals' rights

Under applicable data protection law, the employee has the right to:

  • to be informed of their own personal data;
  • to rectification or completion of personal data;
  • to erasure of personal data where there is no longer a legal basis for the retention or where you have given your personal consent;
  • the right to restriction of personal data;
  • the right to object - where processing is carried out on the basis of a legitimate interest;
  • the right to data portability - in the case of a contract or personal consent.

The data subject may not request the exercise of the right to erasure of personal data, to object to the use of personal data or to restriction of such use of personal data in the case of processing of personal data which is required or foreseen by law in the context of the performance of the public service of the UL FE.

If you wish to exercise the rights listed above, you can contact the Data Protection Officer for assistance at any time, who can also be contacted anonymously at any time to report possible unlawful practices in the area of personal data protection at or by contacting the Faculty Registrar. If you feel that your rights are not being fulfilled, you can complain to the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia (

You can also contact the Data Protection Officer or the Faculty Registrar if you have any questions about personal data protection.


4. Guidelines, recommendations, opinions

  • Guide to data protection for individuals -(pdf document)
  • IP Guidelines - Protection of FPs in employment relationships(pdf document)

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