Workshop and competition for the best electronic circuit at UL FE

Date of publication: 29.9.2023

At our faculty on Tuesday, 26 September, we awarded prizes to the top ten students who took part in a workshop and competition to design and build the best electronic circuit from the point of view of electromagnetic compatibility.

This year's challenge: Designing the electronics to control a brushless motor

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is an important challenge for any developer of both hardware and software for a new product, and must be addressed at all stages of development, from the first idea to the final testing of the product. This year, students competed in the challenge of designing and building the electronics to control a brushless motor designed to drive an oil separator in automotive engines from major global manufacturers. They had to meet a series of demanding criteria to ensure trouble-free operation over a wide voltage and temperature range, while of course meeting the most stringent electromagnetic compatibility standards in the automotive industry.

Cooperation with the most prominent companies and industrial partners

The most prominent companies in the Slovenian and foreign electronics industry contributed to the prize fund, worth more than 6,000 euros, among which the main sponsor and proposer of this year's challenge, Kolektor from Idrija, contributed 2,000 euros. In addition to the prize money, Kolektor engineers prepared all technical aspects of the challenge and carried out the final functional testing of the products.

The EMC workshop was enriched by a competition in which 48 students from all years and fields of study of the Faculty participated. The winning 10 students managed to produce a working final project that met all design requirements and EMC standards within the deadline. The electromagnetic radiation of the submitted circuits was measured in the SIQ laboratories.

Full details of the workshop, recordings of the lectures and the final results are available on the official EMC website:

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