In 2022, the faculty launched several new projects from various European programmes, and several of them were completed. The number of projects under the European Territorial Cooperation Programme (INTERREG-i) decreased compared to 2021, with 6 projects of this type running in 2022 compared to 7 in 2021. In the context of the newly acquired projects, the faculty took over the management of the coordination project of a programme of this type for the first time. Under the framework programme (previous Horizon 2020 and new Horizon Europe), 6 new projects started in 2022 and 10 were completed. Despite the indicators shown, the trend is positive, as we have acquired 4 more Horizon Europe projects in 2022, which will start at the beginning of 2023. For the first time, we have acquired projects from the LIFE programme and the EEA and Norway Grants, and we have also been successful in acquiring projects from the EDF programme, where we have acquired 2 projects. One of them started in 2022 and the other one starts on 01.01.2023. Five ERASMUS+ projects were completed in 2022 and we have secured an additional ERASMUS+ project from the next financial perspective 2021-2027. 3 projects were implemented at UL FE in 2022 under the EMPIR programme, one of which was completed in 2022.

In 2022, the faculty has 2 fewer European projects than in 2021. We have obtained many projects from the new financial perspective, including from programmes we did not have projects from before. Quite a few projects started at the beginning of 2023, which shows that the faculty is still very successful in obtaining European projects.

We have been involved in 59 European projects: 31 Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects, 5 COST projects, 3 metrology research programmes (EMPIR) projects, 10 ERASMUS+ projects, 1 INTERREG ALPINE SPACE project, 3 INTERREG EUROPE projects, 2 INTERREG SI-AT projects and 1 project each from the JR CNEC (preparatory action), LIFE, Norway and EEA Grants and EDF.

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