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Date of publication: 24.11.2023
  • How to talk to an employer at a job interview

    Monday, 4 December 2023, 15.15. At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UL.
    Thursday, 7 December 2023, at 14.00. Online.

    Are you preparing for an interview? Do you know how it works? Do you know the most common questions employers ask? And the salary? How to talk and how to negotiate? If you have certain restrictions - how to present them? Join us to find out everything you want to know about interviewing.
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  • Anxiety and panic attacks: how to recognise, understand and manage symptoms?

    Tuesday, 5 December 2023, at 14.00. Online.
    Do you ever feel anxious, tense, scared or experience panic attacks? We invite you to a webinar that will address one of the most common mental health problems of our time. We will go into detail about what anxiety and panic attacks are and how to recognise the symptoms. We will explain why the problems occur and how they affect people's daily lives, and give useful tips for coping.
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  • How to write a good CV (for technical profiles)

    Tuesday, 12 December 2023, at 14.00. Online.
    CV is our personal presentation. We make it with the aim of getting an invitation to interview for an internship, summer job, scholarship or job. Join us to find out the difference between a good CV and a bad one, and what is it that convinces an employer.
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  • Linkedin - my online CV

    Wednesday, 13 December 2023, at 14.00. Online.
    Not sure what to do with Linkedin? Attend our workshop and you'll learn how to make the most of it. You will learn how to build your personal brand, use it as your online CV and networking tool.
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