Examination deadlines

Izpitni roki študijskih programov 1. stopnje 2023/24

Izpitni roki študijskih programov 2. stopnje 2023/24

Application deadlines for the written examination

Monday Wednesday (last week) until 23:59
Tuesday Thursday (last week) until 23:59
Wednesday Friday (last week) until 23:59
Thursday Saturday (last week) until 23:59
Friday Sunday until 23:59

Withdrawal from the written examination

Students may withdraw from the written examination for which they are registered via the information system up to midday (12:00) on the day before the examination.

Registration and withdrawal for oral deadlines

When an oral term is announced, students see it on their interface and can apply for it if they meet the conditions set in the course parameters settings. The deadline for registartion and withdrawal is 20:00 on the day before the exam, and on the day of the exam students will also see in which slot they are scheduled.


Article 35

If the student was unable to attend the examination for an excusable reason, or was unable to withdraw for the same reason, or was prevented from taking the examination for reasons beyond his/her control, and provides the Student Applications Committee with the relevant evidence within 3 working days after the examination or as soon as the excusable reason has ceased to exist, he/she shall be deemed to have withdrawn in time. A student who fails withdraw and attend any part of an examination and who has no excusable reason for failing to do so shall be deemed to have failed the examination. In the case of an oral part of an examination or an oral examination, a candidate shall be deemed to have failed to attend if he/she is more than 15 minutes late.

Exam registration procedure for students who have to pay to sit the exam (students taking a year off and fourth and fifth sitters):

  1. the student registers himself/herself in time for the scheduled examination period in the information system;
  2. after entering a grade of the exam (positive or negative), the student receives an invoice to his/her e-mail address, which is identical to his/her username, and pays it within the time limit specified on the invoice;
  3. if the student fails to settle the claim, the IT system will be blocked;
  4. Students are reminded that the examination regulations have changed (returned applications, deadline for withdrawing from the examination,...).

the 5th time sitting an examination

The fifth attempt is the last possible attempt. For the fifth attempt, the student must submit an applicationat least two months before the scheduled date of the examination. The application is considered by the Comission for Studies and the student has a discussion with the associate dean and the professor that teaches the course before taking the examination.

Decision of the UL Statutory Committee can be found at this link.

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