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Company Description

Infineon is a world leader in semiconductor solutions, ranked number one provider of automotive semiconductors, discrete power devices, MEMS microphones, security ICs, and microcontrollers. Our aim is to always stay ahead of the competition by securing and expanding our leading position in all key markets. This involves showing our customers time and again that we are the best possible partner to help drive their business forward.

Rising demand for energy, depleted natural resources, and climate change call for more efficient ways of generating, transmitting, storing, and consuming energy. Our semiconductor solutions allow energy to be created and used more efficiently. We play a major role in the journey towards a net zero world. We make green energy happen. Every day. For an easier, safer, and greener life.

Forms of cooperation we offer to students and graduates

Being part of Infineon, you will contribute to cutting-edge semiconductor-technology and actively build the future with your ideas. We create an attractive working environment where people are working today on the technologies of tomorrow. By focusing on supporting training and development, we aim to make young talents passionate about technology:

  • Exciting job opportunities
  • Student internships
  • University collaborations
  • PhD support
  • Thesis
  • Events
  • (Online) workshops and webinars
  • … and so much more.
Infineon Technologies Austria
Infineon Technologies Austria

What we are looking for

Infineon Technologies Austria seeks tech-savvy visionaries passionate about innovation. With a vibrant mind, you possess technical expertise and attention to detail. Your problem-solving skills and adaptability thrive in dynamic environments. Your ability to collaborate with diverse teams fosters creativity. If you identify with this, you are the perfect fit for Infineon’s drive for
#decarbonization and #digitalization.


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