Help for finding internship abroad

An internship, especially an internship abroad, is a great addition to your resume. Every employer wants to hire someone who has some experience. In today’s global world, however, the experience of working in an international environment is an advantage.

However, the desire to go abroad is not enough, so we advise you to prepare a plan for finding and preparing for an internship.

We have prepared a proposal of various activities that will help you fulfil your wish to do an internship abroad – Pathway Internship abroad. By joining the path, you will create your own “TO DO list” (which you will find in POPR), so you do not miss anything and which you can complete by the end of the academic year.

How do you apply directly?

If you already know that following the pathway will be useful for you, you can sign up for it by clicking here.

Apply through POPR platform!

You can book on to the pathway through our platform POPR here. Please, be aware that you will need to sign in with your digital student identity.  If you are a regular student just apply with your digital UL identity. If you are Erasmus student, please register to the platform as Študenti UL brez statusa / Other students. For help please contact us at

Only for incoming traineeship: For arranging your acceptance letter, you must submit an online application via the VIS system: Please be sure to complete the application (pay attention to the confirmation message and enter the code for the first application). Also, please let us know the exact date of your arrival/departure and let me know when you edit the form and submit your online application (

If you would like to come as exchange student for practical work you first have to find your mentor from our department and get his email confirmation. After that you have to inform our international office: Information about laboratories and their research activities are provided at the link. After receiving your email, we will go through further steps: online application at University of Ljubljana page, preparing your LA and acceptance letter. Learning agreement for practical work is without “subject code” – so you can live the field empty.

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