TAE PowerEurope


  • Fusion
  • Energy storage
  • Electric mobility
  • Fast charging
  • Grid efficiency

Company Description

At TAE Power Solutions we are delivering a first-of-its-kind technology to fundamentally improve the reliability, efficiency, longevity, and affordability of electric-powered products, from vehicles to renewable energy storage. The proprietary technology platform is derived from fusion research, and is a foundational step toward mass onboarding of electric vehicles and deployment of intermittent renewable energy as dispatchable power.

The combined workforce of over 250 professionals, headquartered in California, is accelerating the transition to an electrified world with first-of-its-kind energy storage and power delivery systems.

Forms of cooperation we offer to students and graduates

We invite students to join our team to either explore their own ideas or participate in our projects in the form of internships or diploma thesis.
We also welcome students who wants to pursue PhD study.
We are offering regular employment and contractors form of cooperation.
We provide empowering working condition with flexible hybrid type of work. We have offices in Southern California (Foothill Ranch), United Kingdom (Birmingham, Northampton), Czech Republic (Prague) and Slovenia (Ljubljana).

What we are hiring:

  • Electronics Engineers
  • Power Electronics Engineers
  • Battery Management Engineers
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineers
  • Embedded Systems Engineers
  • Power Electronics Modeling and Controls Engineers
  • Motor Modeling and Controls Engineers
  • Control Algorithm Developers


TAE Power Europe d.o.o. is wholly owned subsidiary of TAE Power Solutions, spin out from TAE Technologies:

Bodi na tekočem

Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, Tržaška cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana

E:  dekanat@fe.uni-lj.si T:  01 4768 411