Call for applications

The Call for applications for admission to UL doctoral study programmes for the academic year 2023/2024 has been published on the UL website.

Enrolment in 1st year

Enrolment in the first year of the third cycle programme will take place between 1 and 30 September 2023.

Enrolment is done entirely electronically through our study information system STUDIS.

Number of places:

  • for entry to the first year - 50 - for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, citizens of EU Member States, Slovenes without Slovene citizenship and foreigners.
  • for entry to the second year: 5 - for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, citizens of EU Member States, Slovenes without Slovenian citizenship and foreigners.
  • for admission to the 3rd year: 5 - for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, citizens of EU Member States, Slovenes without Slovenian citizenship and foreigners.
  • for admission to the 4th year: 5 - for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, citizens of EU Member States, Slovenes without Slovene citizenship and foreigners.

Entry requirements:

The PhD programme in Electrical Engineering is open to students who have completed:

  • a 2nd cycle study programme
  • a study programme training for professions regulated by EU directives, or another single master's degree programme awarded 300 KT;
  • a bachelor's degree programme adopted before 11.6.2004;
  • Master of Science degree programme, candidates will be credited with 60 KT;
  • a specialisation programme of study and have previously completed a bachelor's degree programme adopted before 11 June 2004, the candidates shall be recognised for the 60 KT of study requirements completed;
  • a specialisation programme of study and has previously completed a higher professional education programme adopted before 11 June 2004, provided that he/she has completed the additional study requirements of 36 KT, which are determined for candidates by the committee in charge, of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, from the courses of the first year of the second cycle of the second cycle programme in Electrical Engineering: four compulsory professional courses, depending on the field of study, and two elective professional courses;
  • an equivalent programme from another university. The equivalence of previously acquired education abroad is determined in the process of recognition of foreign education for continuing education, in accordance with the UL Statutes.

Selection criteria in the event of enrolment restrictions:

Success in the second cycle is taken into account in the following way:

  • The average mark of the second cycle without the mark of the thesis, or the average mark of studies taken before 11 June 2004 without the mark of the thesis. Grade x 7
  • Assessment of the Master's thesis or assessment of the Bachelor's thesisof a Bachelor's degree programme taken before 11.6.2004.

In case of limited enrolment, the candidates with the highest number of points will be selected.

Procedures and deadlines for applying and enrolment:

The first call for applications will be open from 16 March 2023 to 18 August 2023 on the eVŠ portal. Step-by-step instructions for applying can be found HERE.

The information day will take place on 24 May 2023 at 15:00 in the graduation room of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. For further information, applicants may contact

We will inform applicants about the selection and enrolment process in early September. Before enrolment, the student will choose a mentor and, at the latest at the time of enrolment, will submit the mentor's written agreement to accept the mentorship and a conceptual design of the research work. The mentor advises the student on the choice of subjects and guides him/her during his/her studies.

Enrolment in the next year

Enrolment in a higher year of the third cycle programme will take place between 1 and 30 September 2023.

Enrolment is done entirely electronically through our study information system STUDIS.

You can fill in your enrolment form the day after you have fulfilled the eligibility conditions for the year you intend to enter.

Once you have accessed your personal page in the STUDIS information system, click on the relevant link under the heading "You fulfill the conditions for enrolment" and proceed to enter or modify your personal data on the enrolment form. Once you have completed your entry and consented to the use of your personal data, click on the "Continue" link and proceed to the selection of courses.

After selecting your elective courses, when you have a total of 60 KT in your course book, click on the "Finish enrolling courses" button.

If the information you have entered is correct, please validate the registration form. Once we have confirmed your enrolment in the Student Sector, you will receive an invoice for the enrolment fee in your student email inbox for €24. Please make sure you note the payment reference on the invoice carefully.

NEW! Once your enrolment is confirmed, you will be able to print your own Certificate of Enrolment from Studis.

You will receive your training contract for the current academic year by post.

You can send your student card by post to the UL Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Student Office, Tržaška 25, 1000 Ljubljana. Your student card with a new sticker will be returned to you by registered post. The sticker for the new academic year 2023/24 is valid from 01.10.2023 onwards.

The formal part of the enrolment process is complete when the FE Student Office confirms the enrolment.

Enrolment fee for the academic year 2022/2023 in accordance with the price list of the University of Ljubljana

1st year of all first-, second- and third-cycle programmes 32,00 EUR
2nd, 3rd, 4th year, re-entry, additional year 24,00 EUR

Accident insurance is voluntary and is arranged by the student.

Foreign nationals arrange their own compulsory health insurance with the Health Insurance Fund in Slovenia and submit the relevant proof of insurance (forms HR/SLO 3, RM/SI 3 and BIH/SI 3) at the time of enrolment.   


Tuition fees
4 years of PhD studies:

1st and 2nd year 5.500 €
3rd year 3.400 €
4th year 2.200 €

The tuition fee is payed in three instalments on the basis of a contract. If your tuition fees are paid by your employer, please let the Student Office know so that we can prepare an approach to the debt.

Co-financing of doctoral studies at the University of Ljubljana in the academic year 2022/23

The Regulation on Co-financing of Doctoral Studies (Official Journal of the RS, No 22/17 and 105/20) and the amendment to the Higher Education Act regulate the co-financing of publicly valid doctoral study programmes.

In the academic year 2022/2023, co-financing of tuition fees for doctoral programmes at the University of Ljubljana will be available to all students who meet the eligibility criteria for co-financing. Students will be informed of their eligibility as well as the amount of co-financing of tuition fees by the member faculty in which they are/will be enrolled. However, students will only be informed of the amount of co-financing once they have enrolled in the doctoral programme, which is expected to be in November, as the amount of co-financing for each student depends not only on the funds allocated to the University of Ljubljana, but also on the number of enrolled students who will meet the conditions for co-financing.

Regular employment or registration in the unemployment register at the Employment Service of the Republic of Slovenia do exclude you from co-financing. There is also no age limit for co-financing.


Advancement into a higher year or exceptional extension of status for justified reasons

Exceptionally, a student may apply for admission to a higher year or for an exceptional extension of status if he/she has completed the compulsory subjects in accordance with the study programme and the minimum number of credits of the current year, and if he/she has demonstrated justified reasons. The minimum number of credits shall be determined by the regulations of the Member State and may not be less than 40 credits.

The legitimate reasons are:

  • Parenthood,
  • prolonged illness of the student,
  • exceptional family and social circumstances
  • recognised as a person with a disability,
  • Active participation in top professional, cultural and sporting events,
  • active participation in university bodies; and
  • for international students, participation in the "Year Plus" programme.

The student must demonstrate a link that the reason referred to in the previous paragraph has directly affected the fulfilment of the study requirements, which shall be considered by the Student Applications Committee.

You must submit your application and supporting documents to the Student Office no later than 1 September. You can download the application form here.


Repeating a year

In accordance with the legislation and the Statutes of the University of Ljubljana, a student may repeat a programme of study only once during the period of study, and any change of the programme of study due to failure to fulfil the requirements of the previous programme of study (transfer to another programme of study or course of study) is also considered to be a repetition.

To re-enrol any year of a third-level study programme please contact the Doctoral Coordinator.

To repeat a year, you will need to write an application to the Scientific Research Committee to sort out the issue of tuition fees.

Repeating the first year of study requires a minimum of 10 KT in elective subjects and 20 KT in seminars and research.

Repeating the second year of study is conditional on the completion of all the first-year study requirements and 30 KT of research work in the second year.

Conditions for repeating the third year is the completion of all the study requirements of the first and second years and 30 KT of research work in the third year.

Taking a year off

If you do not meet the conditions for enrolling in a higher year or repeating a year, but you would like to continue your studies, you MUST enrol as a provisional student.This will give you access to Studis and allow you to register for exams.

The enrolment of students for the academic year 2023/24 will take place between 25 September and 6 October 2023.

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