Conditions foradvancement and completion

Conditions for advancement into a higher year

Students of the second cycle Master's degree programme in Electrical Engineering may enrol in:

  • to the second year of study, provided that he/she has completed at least 54 ECTS of the first year requirements by the enrolment deadline.

In accordance with the Statutes of the University of Ljubljana, a student may enrol in a higher year of study as an exception even if he or she has not completed all the requirements for advancement, if he or she has justified reasons for doing so, such as maternity, prolonged illness, exceptional family and social circumstances, recognised status as a person with special needs, active participation in top professional, cultural and sporting events, and active participation in the university's governing bodies. The UL FE Student Applications Committee decides on an exception regarding an admission on the basis of the student's application.

Repeating a year

In accordance with the legislation and the Statutes of the University of Ljubljana, a student may repeat a year of study only once during the period of study, and a change of study programme due to failure to fulfil the requirements of the previous study programme (transfer) shall also be considered a repetition.

To re-enrol in the same year, students must complete:

  • at least half of the requirements of this year - at least 30 ECTS,
  • all previous years' commitments.

Completing your studies

Students shall complete their studies when they have completed all the prescribed requirements of the study programme to a total of 120 credits.

WARNING! If a student loses his/her status before completing all study requirements except the final thesis, he/she must pay for the defence in accordance with the UL price list.

The exception are students who:

  • have completed all the requirements for studies other than the final thesis before losing the status; and
  • have an approved thesis topic within six months of losing student status.

In this case, the student may complete the studies without payment, but no later than two years after losing the status.

Instructions for students on how to exercise their study rights


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