Entry requirements

Full details of entry requirements and criteria on enrolment.


The interdisciplinary 2nd cycle postgraduate study programme Applied Statistics is open to students who have completed at least a first cycle study programme in any field of study.

The interdisciplinary 2nd cycle postgarduate study programme Applied Statistics is also open to graduates of foreign universities. The equivalence of previously acquired education abroad is determined in the process of recognition of foreign education for the purpose of continuing education in accordance with the UL Statutes.

There are 5 vacancies for EU nationals and 2 vacancies for non-EU nationals.

Selection criteria in case of an enrolment restriction

In case of enrolment restrictions, applicants for places will be selected on the basis of:

  • average marks achieved in studies at cycle I, without a degree: (30%),
  • the results of an optional test covering logic, mathematics, general knowledge of probability and statistical literacy: (70%).

For further information, please contact info.stat@uni-lj.si.

Criteria for transitions between programmes

In accordance with the Criteria for Transfers between Study Programmes, a transfer between study programmes is considered to be the termination of a student's education in the study programme in which he/she has enrolled and the continuation of his/her education in the second cycle study programme Applied Statistics.

You can change from:

  • second-level study programmes
  • university courses under the old curriculum.

When transferring from another study programme, the candidate must attach a certificate of completion of the study requirements of the study programme in which he/she was enrolled and the valid curricula for the courses and other subjects in which he/she has fulfilled the study requirements. Applications for transfer to the Master's programme in Applied Statistics will be considered individually by the Programme Board of the study programme in accordance with the Statutes of the University of Ljubljana.

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