Erasmus+ studyexchange and placement

Students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering can take part in a Study Exchange Service (SMS) during their third year of the first cycle studies or any second or third cycle year. You can also work on a final thesis or undertake a study placement (SMP) abroad.

Find out more about study exchanges and the procedures (before, during and after the exchange).

Erasmus+ Study Exchange = SMS

Call for proposals Eligible period Call for proposals published: Notes: Applications
Erasmus SMS exchanges
regular 23/24 from 1.6.2023 to 30.9.2024 Completed Closed  No new applications
Subsequent SMS 23/24 Semester II 23/24

(for mobilities completed by 30.9.2024)

Completed Text of the call for tenders SLO /ENG

Registration instructions here

 No new applications


Subsequent SMS 23/24 - Third countries Semester II 23/24

(for mobilities completed by 30.9.2024)

Completed Text of the call for tenders SLO /ENG

Registration instructions here

 No new applications
Call for 23/24 short-term student mobility (participation of UL students in KIPs where UL members are partners) as these mobilities can be funded by any KA131 project, this is not relevant (01.06.2023-30.06.2024) after 2022


Text of the call for tenders closed call for tenders
Call for applications 23/24 for short-term doctoral study mobility 1.7.2024-30.6.2025 (for mobilities carried out until 30.6.2024, we still use funds from the 2022 project) scheduled for May 2024 open call
regular SMS 24/25 from 1 June 2024 to 30 September 2025 November 2023 expected by mid-February 2024
Call for 23/24 for long-term mobility to 3rd countries (including UK and Switzerland), except for countries where we are implementing KA171 Semester II 23/24 September 2023 the condition is signed IIA (the same as you use for KA171) open call

SMS restrictions:

  • 1 study mobility per participant (applies to SMS and SMP)*,
  • funding limited to 5 months in the case of a one-semester exchange or to 10 months in the case of a year-long exchange, and funding limited to 3 months in the case of failure to reach 20 ECTS/semester or to produce a final thesis

Restrictions for the DRC:

  • minimum 5 days up to a maximum of 30 days (may be 10 days at once, multiple times)
  • condition of submission of a completed table, signed bilateral agreement, signed programme of study(OLA SMS)+research or placement plan(LA SMP)
  • priority partners and EUTOPIA

Erasmus+ study placement = SMP

SMP call - Mobility for practice Eligible period Call published Notes Applications
Call for SMP 2022/2023 1.6.2022 - 30.9.2023 DA - UL Text of the call for tenders Applications are no longer possible
New call for SMP 2023/2024 1.10.2023 - > DA Text of the call for tenders (ANG) Pending the use of funds (online applications)-Instructions below


  • The eligible period of the call is from 1.9.2023 to 30.9.2024.
  • We are collecting applications regularly, until the funds are used up - condition: application in Studis -> new application.
  • Erasmus+ funding is limited to 10 months
  • Students can also carry out more than one mobility for practical training, provided that they are not with the same employer and that each mobility for practical training lasts at least 2 months, or that they carry out an Erasmus+ mobility for the purpose of study in addition to the Erasmus+ mobility for practical training. However, a student cannot carry out a short-term Erasmus+ mobility for doctoral students immediately before or after a long-term Erasmus+ mobility for practice with the same organisation.
  • Only students who already have a selected employer and an Erasmus+ study agreement for practical training, and who demonstrate at the time of application that they meet the conditions for the full duration of the mobility, can apply (young graduates are exempted, as they are required to apply while they still have their status and have not yet completed their studies).
  • The application must be submitted to the Member State at least one month before the start of the mobility in order to be able to subsequently arrange the entry of the application in the VIS online application, the issue of the contract and the payment of the Erasmus+ grant.
  • 1 mobility per participant (applies to SMS and SMP)*
  • no extension is foreseen, and a subsequent call is unlikely, as the current call is open until the funds are exhausted



Table: countries of participation in Erasmus+ KA171 2022 and 2023

 # Region Countries
1 Western Balkans / Region 1 Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro
2 Eastern Partnership countries / Region 2 Ukraine
3 Southern Mediterranean countries / Region 3 Morocco
4 Russian / Region 4 Russia
5 Asia / Region 5 China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan
6 Central Asia / Region 6 Kazakhstan
7 Pacific / Region 8 Australia
8 Sub-Saharan Africa / Region 9 Ethiopia, South Africa, Republic of Mauritius, Niger, Tanzania, Uganda
9 Latin America / Region 10 Argentina, Brazil




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