Mechanics and thermodynamics

Course description

MECHANICS: kinematics, Newton's laws, angular momentum, law of gravity, kinetic and potential energy, conservation of energy, harmonic oscillations, damped oscillations, forced oscillation, coupled oscillation, introduction to continuum  mechanics, introduction to fluid mechanics (Bernoulli equation, viscosity, Poiseuille – Hagen equation), surface tension (Laplace equation, Young equation), Stokes law, quadratic friction law, mechanical waves

THERMODYNAMICS: kinetic theory of gases,

first  law of  thermodynamics, entropy and second law of  thermodynamics, thermodynamic functions, thermodynamic equilibrium of  the system, heat transfer, heat engines, thermal expansion of  solids and liquids

Course is carried out on study programme

Elektrotehnika 1. stopnja

Objectives and competences

– to acquire a general education in technical and natural sciences

– to gain better understanding of  theoretical and experimental methods in  natural and technical sciences.

Learning and teaching methods

 Lectures, tutorials, demonstrative experiments during lectures and  lectures of  visiting professors from abroad.

Intended learning outcomes

Successful completion of  the course will provide the students with:

– education in fundamental  mechanics and thermodynamics, preparing  them for a future as problem solvers or researchers in industry and in research institutes

– a good basic education in mechanics and thermodynamics  suitable for a career in high-technology industry.


After completion of  the course the  students should be able to/of:

-use  the basic  theoretical tools of  mechanics and thermodynamics   that are needed for the more specialised courses in electrical engineering,
-application of   the basic laws of mechanics and thermodynamics  to  solve  general problems  in electrical engineering,

– solve practical problems in engineering , which prepare  the students for independent  research and development  work  in  reserach institutes and

in the industry ,

– solve complex  interdisciplinary engineering  problems,  requiring a  knowledge and understanding  of   thermodynamics and mechanics, as well as experience with analytical tools from the field of physics.

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Study materials

1. Raymond A. Serway: Physics (international edition), Sounders Golden Sunburst Series (vsakokratna nova izdaja)

2. Aleš Iglič, Veronika Kralj-Iglič: Mehanika in termodinamika, Založba FE in FRI, vsakokratna nova izdaja,

spletna izdaja  na domači strani :

ter v  Spletni učilnici FE:

3.T. Gyergyek, V. Kralj-Iglič, A. Iglič, M. Fošnarič: Vaje iz Fizike 1, Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, vsakokratna nova izdaja je tudi na domači strani:

4. J. Strnad: Fizika 1. del: Mehanika, toplota, DMFA, najnovejša izdaja


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