Call for proposalsSTA and STT

Explanation of abbreviations:

STA=> Staf Mobility for Teaching

STAT=> Staff Mobility For Teaching and Training

STT=> Staf Mobility for Training


Call for proposals Eligible period Publication of the call for tenders Notes Applications
Call for 23/24 STA/STAT to 3rd countries (including UK and Switzerland), excluding countries where we are implementing KA171 1.10.2023-30.9.2024 Applications until the funds are exhausted ( no later than 15.8.2024) - completed table

- mobility plan

- Signed IIA (identical to KA171)

Open call - instructions below

Text of the call for tenders

Regular STT 23/24 1.10.2023-30.6.2024 Open from September 2023 until funds are used

Ongoing applications based on an approved mobility plan

5 days+2 days travel limit,


for salary brackets H and J

Open call - instructions below

Text of the call for tenders

Call for 23/24 for participation of teachers and staff in KIPs where UL members are partners) due to KA131 funding - not relevant after 2022 open call

STA/STAT eligibility conditions:

Conditions for applying for STT (open until funds are exhausted):

Send completed and digitally signed forms to

Options for staff week

Training courses

Table: countries of participation in Erasmus+ KA171 2022 and 2023

 # Region Countries
1 Western Balkans / Region 1 Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro
2 Eastern Partnership countries / Region 2 Ukraine
3 Southern Mediterranean countries / Region 3 Morocco
4 Russian / Region 4 Russia
5 Asia / Region 5 China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan
6 Central Asia / Region 6 Kazakhstan
7 Pacific / Region 8 Australia
8 Sub-Saharan Africa / Region 9 Ethiopia, South Africa, Republic of Mauritius, Niger, Tanzania, Uganda
9 Latin America / Region 10 Argentina, Brazil


Partner countries by Region Eligible countries
Partner countries of Region 14 Faroe Islands, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Partner countries of Region 13 Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City
Other partner countries All others except those listed in table KA171 above

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